Handwritten Notes


The notes app built for handwriting

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Only you can access your notes!

You can sync your notes across devices knowing that they are encrypted and stored securely, and not even the server can read them.

You can also read the privacy policy.


You can sync and edit your notes across all your devices, whether they're a phone, tablet, or computer.

The perfect highlighter

Saber's highlighter doesn't overlap with itself and change color when you go over the same area again.

The highlighter also renders underneath the text, so you can still see the text clearly.

Stay organized

Saber lets you organize your notes into unlimited nested folders.

You can also quickly access your most recent notes from the home screen.

Cohesive dark mode

Saber's dark mode doesn't just darken the UI; it also darkens the notes themselves.

This means that you can read your notes in the dark without hurting your eyes.

Open source

No sneaky stuff! Saber is free and open source software.

Find the code on GitHub.